These would be the classes I would add to school right now:

Meditation for kids





Meditation for kids

Stressed Kids


We have never had so many stressed kids in our society as we do right now. Why? Very fast pace of living, all the buzzing toys, too many activities, too much of screen time and technology, too much sugar, too many chemical additives and etc? Might be just a combination of all of it. Childhood is such a short and precious time, please parents out there-let them be children, let them PLAY!! 16825373-a-young-boy-playing-and-exploring-in-a-field

Why do I write?

Lake in the evening

Lake in the eveningI am not a gifted writer and not even a good writer-also, not to mention I misspell and make tons of grammar mistakes, but never mind all that I still like to write. I do not seek to be right or smart, entertaining or etc in my writings. But if my post helps even one, just one person-my mission is accomplished. I am happy.
Or sometimes, trust me my friends, it is just good to get your mind out, voice it out and be heard, even if it is on the paper/screen. Happy Monday!

Looking for a movie to watch?

Peaceful Warrior

Looking for a great movie to watch upcoming weekend? I highly recommend the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. This film was inspired by true events and based on the best-selling book. It is an inspirational movie with some good life lessons. It is definitely worth purchasing the DVD, since this movie is one of those kind that you will want to watch again and again.

Find Beauty

Easter 2013 033

I love finding beauty around us! Saw this flower on my way to the store this morning.

Time Change, Sunday, March 10th

Time ChangeAnd get your kids adjusted to a new sleep schedule.. Good luck!

Recent GMO Labeling News from Whole Foods

Whole Foods MarketJust a little while ago I was very involved (and still are) with helping to get the Proposition 37, Label GMO’s passed. Whole Foods did not seem to show much support on it at the time. And now they are announcing that all products in their US and Canadian stores containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must be clearly labeled within five years, by 2018!! That is a long, long time from now!!! While I am happy to hear that, but with the speed Monsanto is acting by patenting the seeds and creating more GMO products, it is VERY VERY slow! Why not this year?? More than 60 countries already do that. Somehow it rings to me that they might be trying to get us, GMO activists off their backs. Read more here.

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The Girl Who Silenced the World at UN for 5 minutes

Such a powerful and hart warming speach! And the same time so simple, honest and true! Gave me the goosebumps when I watched it… I have been training to become a good public speaker to lead the health seminars for a while now and this speach inspired me so much!! Here is the link:

Our Garden


Rised Beds




The pictures above are from our garden. We have been growing heirloom, organic (or beyond organic standards!) cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, sugar peas, dill and nasturtiums. Everything did so well and is so tasty! No stores, even farmers markets can beat the taste of that freshly this morning picked super ripe, still warm from the sun heirloom organic tomato!!